FILTA gigs for 2017

Jan 13th- Grapevine, Exmouth

Jan 14th-Private Function, Teignmouth
Jan 20th-The Spinning Wheel, Paignton

Jan 28th-The King Billy, Teignmouth
Feb 4th- Welliestock Launch Party
Feb 11th- Taunton Cricket Club
Feb 18th-Mollys, Taunton
Feb 24th-Gandys, Exeter

March 10th-King Billy, Teignmouth

March 18th-The Wagon, Taunton
March 25th- Live Lounge, Cardiff

April 1st- The Vintage, Wellington

April 8th- The Spinning Wheel, Paignton
April 15th- Racehorse, Taunton

April 21st-Ferry Boat, Shaldon

May 6th- Kentisphere Festival(Headline)

May 13th-NessFest-Shaldon(Headline)

May 27th-The Grapevine, Exmouth

May 28th-Sonnys Festival-Yeovil(Headline)

June 1st-The Bierkeller, Exeter supporting Chesney Hawkes
June 2nd Mollys, Taunton

​June 9th-Collet Park Festival
June 10th-Festival Fonzie(Headline)
June 17th - Festival Curry Rivel(Headline)

June 30th-Taunton School Prom
July 1st- Welliestock Festival 

July 14- Newquay Inn, Teignmouth 9pm

July 15th- Godney Gathering festival- 3pm

July 15-Dorset Volksfest(Headline)

​july 21- Gumbeerfest(headline)
July 22 - Drewfest(Headline)

August 5th-SomerRock-5pm

August 5th-MollyMalones-9.30pm

August 12th- Honiton Cider and Sausage Festival- 8.45-9.30pm
Aug 12- Blackdown Festival(Headline)10.30pm-12am
Aug 26- Cornwall VW Jamboree Festiva(Headline)

Aug 27-Ship Inn Festival, Teignmouth(Headline)

Sept 2-Sheppyfest
Sept 9- Racehorse, Taunton

Sept 16-The Vintage
Sept 22-The Bierkeller, Taunton
Sept 29- Live Lounge, Cardiff

October 6- Private Function Shaldon.
Oct 7- Mollys, Taunton

​October 27-King Billy, Teignmouth

November 3- The Ferry Boat, Shaldon

November 10-The York, Torquay

November 11-Kingsmead School, Theatre, Wivilescombe

November 17 -The Grapevine, Exmouth

Novemver 25-Private Function
December 1-Welliestocking-SOLD OUT

December 2-Elliot's Touch Christmas Party. Watched

December 9- Newquay Inn, Teignmouth

December 15-The Racehorse, Taunton
December 22&23- Supporting "Pink", Blake Hall. SOLD OUT.

​December 31st-The Bierkeller, Taunton

Jan 9- The Live Lounge, Cardiff
​Jan 22- Cellars Bar, Teignmouth
Jan 23- Racehorse, Taunton
Feb 6- Welliestock launch party, Vintage
Feb 13- Private Function(SCC)
Feb 19- Ferry Boat Inn, Shaldon
Feb 20-Molly Malones, Taunton
Feb 27- March 5. LION KING(Huw and Dan Uffculme School)
March 12- Kings, Exeter
March 19- Palladium Club, Bideford
March 26-The Prospect, Exeter
April 1- John Gandys, Exeter
April 2- The Live Lounge, Cardiff
April 23- PF Exeter
April 29- Blue Lagoon, Bristol
April 30- -Cellarstock-Teignmouth
May 7 - Vintage, Wellington
May 14- MAIN EVENT, Milverton School
May 20-Altitude Festival(Headline)
May 21-Wellington Rugby Club
May 28- Private Function, Exeter
June 3-PF Brixham
June 4-Goldney Ball, Bristol
June 10-Collett Park festival
​June 11-Curry Rivel (Headline)
June 12-Nessfest(Headline)
June 18-The Racehorse, Taunton
June 24-Cellars, Teignmouth
July 1-Wellington School Prom
July 2- Welliestock(Headline)
July 9- Newt Fest(Headline)
July 16-Shaldon Private Event
July 22-Gumbeerfest(Headline)
Aug 12 - Blackdown Hills Music Festival
Aug13-Private function Yeovil
Aug 28- Cornwall Dubfest. (Headline)
Aug 29-Party 200, Tiverton
Sept 3. SheppyFest, Wellington
sept 7-The Bierkeller, Tauntn.
Sept 10- Racehorse, Taunton
Sept 16-PF Honiton
Sept 23-Palladium, Bideford
Sept 24-The Ness, Shaldon
October 1-Cellars, Teignmouth
Octopber 15-Molly Malones, Taunton
October 28- The Live Lounge, Cardiff
November 4th-John Gandys, Exeter
November 19- Racehorse, Taunton
November 26-The Vintage, wellington
Dec 3 - Welliestocking. Wellington
​Dec 10- PF Shaldon
​December 17-Molly Malones
Dec 23- Ferry Boat, Shaldon
Dec 31-The Live Lounge, Cardiff



Saturday, January, 17th.  Racehorse,  Taunton

Friday, January 30th.  John Gandys, Exeter

Saturday, Feb 7. Prospect Inn, Exeter

​Saturday, Feb 21st. Molly Malones, Taunton

Saturday, Feb 28th. Welliestock Launch Party. Green Dragon, Wellington: 

Friday, March 6th. John Gandys, Exeter
Saturday, March 14th, Apple and Parrot, Taunton-Huws birthday!!!

Friday, March 27th. The Duke

Saturday, March 28th. Blue Lagoon, Bristol.
Saturday, April 4th. Racehorse, Taunton

April 10-18. Holidays

Friday, May 8th. Ferry Boat, Shaldon
Saturday, May 9th. Molly Malones, Taunton 

Friday, May 15th. Altitude Festival, Devon

Friday, May 22nd. Volksfest Plymouth.
Friday, June 5th. John Gandys, Exeter

Friday, June 12th. AshHill Festival

Saturday, June 13th. Curry Rivel Festival
Friday, July 3rd. Wellington School Prom, Wellington
Saturday, July 4. Welliestock Music Festival.

Friday, July 10th. Tiverton Balloon Festival

Saturday, July 11th. Newt Festival
Saturday, July 26th. Devon Dub fest
Saturday, Aug 1st.  Prospect Inn, Exeter

​Friday, August 7th. Private Function,  Somerset

Friday, August 14th. The Duke, Bridgwater

Friday, September 4th. The Ferry Boat, Shaldon
Saturday, Sept 5th. Apple and Parrot, Taunton
Friday, Sept 11th. John Gandys, Exeter
Saturday, Sept 12th. Private Function-Taunton

​​​Saturday, Sept 19th. Wurzels support.  Sheppys Cider Farm, Wellington.

Saturday, September 26th. Private Function, Wellington

Friday, October 2nd. The Duke, Bridgwater

Saturday, October 10th. Private Function. The Grove

Friday, November 13th. Kiwis, Cardiff

Saturday, November 14th. Molly Malones, Taunton.

Friday, November 20th. Cellars,  Teignmouth.

Friday, Dec 4th. Jungle Boogie, Wellington Rugby Club(Plus The Blue Room Baboons).
Saturday, Dec 5th. Apple and Parrot Taunton
Friday, Dec 11th. Support to Chesney Hawkes, Bridgwater Town Hall.
Saturday, Dec. 12th.  Racehorse, Taunton

Friday, December 18th, The Duke Bridgwater
Saturday, Dec 19th. Prospect Inn, Exeter